The Prodigal Republican: Faith & Politics is a controversial book written by author Marc T. Little. It focuses on restoring the Black community from despair to prosperity.shapeimage_12

The Prodigal Republican chronicles the historic relationship between blacks, Democrats and Republicans. It is based on three topics – voting your values, family leadership and Christian faith – all geared toward strengthening the American family generally and the black family in particular.

The Prodigal Republican encourages everyone to return to core values by being self-reliant and realizing that government aid is never a pathway to prosperity; by promoting the sanctity of human life; and by favoring traditional marriage to perpetuate humanity.

The Prodigal Republican is a guide to strengthen the family through a common sense approach by avoiding teen pregnancy before marriage, graduate from high school and university or trade school, consider marriage and have a work ethic.

The Prodigal Republican is a guide to strengthen the family by valuing marriage, valuing education, having a work ethic and setting a godly standard.

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